On thinking, investing, and living

I was fortunate to take a class taught by the late Jack McDonald, professor at the Stanford GSB, while at law school. Jack was an impressive figure who, over the course of five decades, taught and mentored some of the most successful investors of all…

Book Review: Antisocial by Andrew Marantz

Free speech is that funny sort of thing that is universally defended in principle and universally contested in practice. What can be said and, more contentiously, who decides? Does free speech mean consequence free, or do shame, outrage, and excommunication play a legitimate role in policing what is up for…

The promise of telecommuting is (at least) as old as the Internet itself. Anyone who has struggled with a grinding commute, scheduling personal appointments during the work week, or managing care for relatives when arrangements fall through (so, pretty much everyone) can appreciate the potential benefits. Yet, the revolution has…

John Daley

Writing about things that interest me. Views are entirely my own.

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